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 GQD  Culture

Enterprise Mission:Contribute the best rare earth new materials to the scientific-technical progress of human-beings.
This sublime mission is not only our promise to the world, but also the pressure to us. Facing the pressure, we are confident, poised, and always marching onward.
Enterprise Spirits:Diligent, Pragmatic, Creative, Developing.
Diligence is always the essential characteristic of GQD’s people; pragmatism is the principle of our work.Innovation is our soul, an inexhaustible motive force for our development. Our starting point is not high than others, but we walk farther. The enterprise spirits bring up GQD’s endless vitality.
Enterprise Tenet: Value Creation, Hope Fulfilling, Society Distribution.
Creating value is the requirement of the society; GQD will create maximum value to realize the ambition and contribute to the whole society.
Enterprise Target: First-class quality, First-class service, First-class benefits.
The growth of GQD is stem from the endorsement of the customers; “First-class quality, First-class service, First-class benefits” is the target that GQD striving for.
 Enterprise Value: Striving for the maximal benefits both of GQD and customers
The win-win mode is the best solution for GQD and the customers that make GQD’s operation more harmonious.
Operation Principle: High quality, New products, Low cost, Stable production
The operation principle of “High quality, New products, Low cost, Stable production” makes GQD a leading enterprise in the industry, which comes from our attach importance to details.
Employment Idea: People foremost and put them to the best use.
Exertion of Human’s motility is very important at any time. GQD affords a broad platform for everybody’s development, gives full play to everybody’s enthusiasm,initiative and creativity.
Quality Policy: Use incessant progress to satisfy the incessant requirement of the market.
Quality Target:stabilizing the quality of standard products, incessantly developing new products, affording products that meet the needs of customers; continuously improving the quality management system, making an effort to reduce thecost of production, increasing the enterprise revenue.