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Precision Magnetics Ganzhou Co., Ltd, a joint venture of GQD and Swiss Precision Magnet Co.,Ltd, that engaged in Sm-Co magnets research, development, production and sales. The company owns first-class production equipments and a professional team for researching.
Magnetic materials, especial permanent magnetic materials, are the important basic material of hi-tech industries, as well as the new industries. With the development of computer, aviation, magnetic machinery for military use, precision electronics, environment friendly engine and other hi-tech industries, there are high requests for the materials' capacity and variety. The Sm-Co magnets are high valued and applied in many fields because of its unique characteristics.
The products of Precision Magnetic Ganzhou Co.,Ltd have high coercive force, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other excellent performance that are particular suitable for the precision device. The fine magnetic products are widely used in the consumer electronic products, micro motors, electro-acoustic magnetic machines, medical devices and many other fields.
The company always holds the enterprise mission as "become the leading supplier of high class samarium cobalt magnets and maintain the certain advantage", stricks to the quality strategy as "customer oriented, but always better than the customers' expectations". The company will provide the best quality products to the market and contribute our strength to the development of world's magnetic materials industry.