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The party secretary of Peaking University – Zhu Shanlu comes to GQD Group

Author:管理员 From:本站 Browse Counts:33135 Public Time:2012-8-4 15:27:26
The party secretary of Peaking University, Zhu Shanlu comes to GQD Group on 6th July, accompany with the secretary of municipal party committee -- Shi Wenqing and the mayor – Leng Xinsheng.
Mr. Gong Bin, the general manager of GQD group, makes the report about the development of GQD and has a further discussion with the research group on rare earth mining, separation, technology innovation and other issues. On the meeting, the general manager, Gong Bin emphasizes that GQD has invested a lot on technology innovation and the talents cultivation to strengthen the group’s technology advantage and lead group’s development. GQD hopes to cooperate with Peaking University and makes the collaborative development. And the secretary Zhu points that Peaking University has rich talents and intellectual resources. Our next step is to build the national innovation demonstration garden and scientific research platform of rare earth industry. GQD has strong ability of scientific research, we could make the win-win situation in all fields if GQD and Peaking University work together.  .
The research group also visit the GQD’s products display hall.


Mr. Gong Bin shakes hands with Mr. Zhu Shanlu