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Published Time:2021-9-8 22:06:05Phil Pruna:La Metal
Dear GQD,

Good evening. I am looking for a La metal with 2 ppm or less or Cerium. Is this a material you can offer? If so, I would be potentially interested in a sample.

Thank you,

Phil Pruna
Published Time:2021-6-11 17:24:38Denis:Price request
Dear Sirs
My name is Denis. I'm from Russia.
Our plant needs rare earth metal oxides:
1. Neodymium oxide, purity 99% min. 182 tons per year.
2. Praseodymium oxide with a purity of 99% min. 68 tons per year.
These oxides can be replaced with a Pr + Nd mixture, 99%. 250 tons per year.
We also need dysprosium oxide 10 tons per year and terbium oxide 10 tons per year.
Which of the following can your company provide?
Since my English is very bad. you can send a response to the zvereu@yandex.ru

With respect
Published Time:2021-5-28 14:53:2913189860383:Manager-Global Sales
Hi. We published A Market Report on Lutetium Oxide 2021 for You and Competitors. If you have further interest in this report or related reports, we would be happy to share the sample report for your reference.
The following manufacturers are covered:
China Minmetals Rare Earth
Longyi Heavy Rare-Earth
Ganzhou Rare Earth Mineral Industry
Ganzhou Qiandong Rare Earth Group
Chenguang Rare Earth
Jiangyin Jiahua Advanced Material Resouces
Jiangsu Guosheng Rare-earth
Gansu Rare Earth New Material
Yongxing Chemical Industry
Maybe it will be helpful to the marketing department or the person in charge of your company. We would be grateful if you could forward it.
Published Time:2021-4-16 23:55:14Scott Price:Your needs our priority

Hope you are doing great!

I am reaching out to check whether you are interested in acquiring the list of leads from Consumer Electronic Sector.
We have complete contact details of :

? C-Levels/Presidents/VPs/Manager
? Hardware engineer, Project manager
? Operations manager, Retailers
? Manufacturers, Electronics designers
? Hardware and software designers/Developers
? Data center/computer/network managers
? Storage engineers, Communications engineers
? Venture capitalists, Embedded system designers
? Systems engineers, Solution providers and consultants
? VARs, OEMs, System integrators, Marketing and product managers, Market and financial analysts and other key decision makers.

Industries: 3D Printing, Accessories, Augmented Reality, Audio, Communications Infrastructure, Computer Hardware/Software/Services, Content Creation & Distribution, Digital/Online Media, Digital Imaging/Photography, Drones, Electronic Gaming, Fitness and Sports, Health and Biotech, Internet Services, Personal Privacy & Cyber, Security, Robotics, Sensors, Smart Home, Startups, Vehicle Technology, Video, Wearable, Wireless Devices & Services and many more.

Kindly let me know your target requirements so that i can provide few free samples and number of leads available with us.

Look forward for your response.

Best Regards,
Scott Price

Let me know if this email is not helpful by replying with "STOP"
Published Time:2021-3-14 18:50:36Wael Ramadan:Offer
Dear Sir,

Actually we are searching for good source for below items so please send us your best offer FOB :
- Cerium
- Lead Metal
- Copper Metal
- Zinc Oxide
- Antimony Trioxide 99.8%
- Potassium Carbonate
- Potassium Nitrate
- Potassium Gold Cyanide 68.2%
- Lead
- Copper

Published Time:2021-2-25 22:17:16Dmitriy:rare earth oxides inquiry
Dear Sirs,
My name is Dmitriy. I represent the Russian company ProChem.
We are engaged in supplying materials and equipment for chemical companies in the Russian market.
At the present time we are searching for a company, which can become our supplier of the following rare earth oxides:

1.Yttrium oxide 99, 999
2.Erbium oxide 99.99
3.Ytterbium oxide 99.995
4.Cerium oxide 99.995
5.Europium oxide 99.999
6.Lanthanum oxide 99.999

Please inform me, if you are interested in cooperation. Please also inform me on your prices for the specified products.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Published Time:2020-12-7 20:47:04Mark cooper:Rare earth material supply
Hi please could i have a price for the below materials.
Lanthanium oxide 1000kg
Neodymium oxide 250kg
100kg praseoymium oxide
50kg cerium
Do you ship DDP of CIF also need 2N under 10um.
Published Time:2018-9-11 20:58:06Anastasiya Belonogov:Nd metal 1 mt and Dy 100kg
Dear sirs,
please send us your best prices for
1) Dysprosium metal , amount required 100 kg
2) Neodymium metal, amount required 1000 kg

and terms of delivery.
Looking forward to your offer and thanks in advance for quick reply.
Published Time:2018-9-8 19:31:05Kamal:Cerium Oxide
We need High Surface Area CeO2. Please send me an email for more information.
Published Time:2018-9-8 19:28:44Kamal:Cerium Oxide
We need High Surface Area CeO2. Please send me an email for more information.